Embracing Our Wild Sides

Having a lover suckle at my breasts seems like the most natural thing in the world to me. I suppose you could call this my “wild side” because if I lived in the wild I imagine it would be part of my every day life. Yet I live in a civilized world, where opening my blouse to offer my nipples to a consenting adult lover who craves the bond of breastfeeding is still under such a silly shroud of shame and taboo.

Do you feel any shame or embarrassment attached to your desire to suckle or be suckled? Do you embrace your wild and primal side with your partner (s) in your passionate pursuit of breast and breast milk sharing?

Perhaps it’s my strong hippie side that makes me wish that I, and the rest of us, felt more free to want and have and give open and ample time sucking the breasts we’re lucky enough to own or press our warm mouths against.



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Breasts in Flower Field

Subway Suckles

There are times when I’ve been on the subway train, especially at night, and I’ve got the cleavage pushed up high and boldly visible while I’m surrounded by adults of various ages clearly out for the eve. The occasional stares at my breasts and the quick look-aways that follow when I catch their eyes makes me wonder what would happen if I pulled my low cut blouse open to the sides until my bare teats were in full view. 

Would someone be brave enough to not only stare, but to slide into the seat next to me to touch and fondle my soft, pale flesh? Would a stranger trace the long line of my heavy udders down to pinch my nipples to see them grow longer in his fingers? Would he dare to cup and pull one of my breasts to his mouth as others in the car watched me react with shock and pleasure? 

Would another stranger join him at my other breast, slowly massaging my belly and thighs as they each tugged at my tits with their heated, wet mouths? 

I almost can’t stand to keep typing this. It’s so much imagined pleasure to my nipple-centric, hedonistic exhibitionist mind. 

I have been kissed by strangers a few times, after chatting briefly in darkened bars and lounges. Those times were exciting, too. Yet to be suckled by a stranger…spontaneously on the subway or a dark movie theater or anywhere…would be another check off my bucket list. (;


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I Love A Man Who…

I love a man who slips his fingers over my blouse to find my hidden nipples as he softly kisses me.

I love a man who wakes me by suckling my naked breasts as the sun slides up our bodies through the window.

I love a man who fondles my heavy teats as I bounce like a cowgirl from above while he’s inside me.

I love a man who would rather have my breasts in his mouth than anything else.

I love a man who adores my imperfect “girls” because he prefers a real woman.

I love a man wishes this post were about him.


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Nipple Nibblers

Have you ever tried any of the edible/lick-able stimulating nipple creams and balms with your lover for adult breastfeeding?

I personally don’t crave food or other tastes on my lover’s skin when my mouth is on him, but I can tell you I do love how tingly and stimulating a cream with menthol feels on my nipples and areolas. It’s heavenly!

Here’s a product I found but haven’t tried yet. Anybody know and love Nipple Nibblers? I like that this brand is cruelty-free (no animal testing.)


You can find Nipple Nibblers for sale here: Nipple Nibblers at Smitten Kitten

It excites me that I could slip this balm out of my handbag in a public restroom and slather up my nipples in the stall….or in the car….or at the park….or….anywhere!

But that’s just the way the mind (and body) works of a nipple-centric chick like me. ;)

Happy Suckling!



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Open Tip Bras

Gotta love the nipple-free sexy bras from www.lovefifi.com

Here’s a direct link to some of my faves: http://www.lovefifi.com/Shelf-Open-Tip-Bras-s/1819.htm?searching=Y&sort=2&cat=1819&show=12&page=2





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Flash Erotic Fiction — “Daniel’s Liquid Lunch”

Daniel checked his phone. It was straight up 12 o’clock and his dick was pulsing. Nothing excited him more than lunchtime. He left his bagged lunch of egg salad sandwich and chips in the little fridge by his desk and headed down the stairwell to the fifth floor.

She entered the stairwell with a big smile. “Hey, Dan. Busy day?”

Daniel took the steps in twos until he reached the landing where Sheila was unbuttoning her red silk blouse.

“Yeah, call after call this morning. I’m in high demand around here.” He knew she’d giggle at that and she did.

“That you are.” Sheila whispered against his chest as they embraced and his erection pressed against her mini skirt.

Daniel kissed her softly, letting his tongue tease her mouth open as their kissing got more urgent, passionate, greedy. He was so hungry for her.

Sheila pressed her back against the stairwell wall and unclasped her satin bra from the front. Her puffy nipples were already dripping with warm milk, staining the nipple pads she wore against her skin.

“Oh, god.” The scent of her milk instantly hit Dan’s nostrils and intensified his arousal. He cupped her left breast and touched her wet nipple to his lips. Licking around her fat succulent areola, he let her breast milk trickle down his chin before engulfing her flesh in his wanting mouth.

Her hands in Daniel’s sandy-brown curls, Sheila moaned with deep pleasure as he suckled at one beautiful breast while massaging the other. His free hand was covered with sweet feminine nectar as his belly filled from her other nipple’s bounty.

Daniel sucked and swallowed quickly, while caressing Sheila’s lovely skin. He switched breasts and slid his hands up her spine to pull her closer, deeper, tighter to his face.

Breast milk spilled onto his sleeve cuffs and tie. He’d have to change shirts when he got back to his office. If Sheila kept moaning and pressing against his groin as he licked her nipples clean, he’d have to change his pants, too.

They heard someone descending the stairs from a handful of floors above. Reluctantly, Daniel released Sheila’s delicious breasts and kissed her quick. They hurriedly tugged their clothes back into place and ended Daniel’s liquid lunch with another warm hug.

“Same time tomorrow?” Sheila asked.

“I’ll count the hours.” Daniel said, grinning wide.

Sheila wiped the corners of his wet mouth with her hand and winked as she slid her milky fingertips between her own lips.


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Seeking Sensual Solace

Ahhh, how crazy life has become this summer! There are so many shifts, transitions, changes and physically/mentally/emotinonally exhausting happenings in my days at the moment that I am deeply craving some sensuous downtime to reconnect with my body, my breasts, and my sexual self. I haven’t indulged in a lover’s attention since the end of April and that, my dears, is making kitty restless.

Oh, to lie back and be sweetly suckled as I press my weary body against the pillows would be absolute heaven.

For now, I am coming back to the blog….back to the erotica writings….back to releasing my soft, fleshy teats from my bra’s lacy embrace to cup and fondle and feel the pleasure that connects me to my very core.

Thank you for being there each time I return, dear readers! More stories, musings and images from me coming soon.



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The Milkings of May

May is a time for celebration of sensuality and fertility. It’s a time of renewal and rebirth, blessings and blooms.

When you suckle or offer sweet breast milk with your lover in May, you take part in a beautiful ritual of nurturing desire. Where there is no actual milk for suckling, it can be imagined, conjured, manifested and dreamed. 

As the new petals burst into life, there are lovers everywhere basking in the milkings of May — feeding and creating, nourishing and savoring. 

Drink deep at your goddess’s beautiful nipples and replenish her body with fertile seed. Fill her womb as she has filled your belly. 

Share the milk of life and revel in the earthy delights and rapture of passionate play in May. 



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Gently Squeeze

My visualizations about having breasts full of milk are so strong that I’m sometimes convinced that when a lover gently squeezes my breasts as he suckles he will surely get a mouthful. That’s just a fantasy so far, of course, as my breasts do not yet lactate but it feels so real and so possible every single time. 

I adore it when a lover gently squeezes my breasts in Marmet fashion, caressing my tender teats with loving care as if they already hold the sweet nectar that we both can imagine dripping into his fondling fingers. 


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